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The Hitotsubashi ICS Admissions section offers an overview of our admissions process, including information on tuition, financial aid, international admissions requirements, and our application package.

To make sure your application is accepted and reviewed in a timely manner, and that you submit a complete and accurate application package, please take the time to review the contents of this site and also read carefully through the application package materials before submission.

Number of Positions for 2017

* Number of Positions for 2018 will be announced ​in the Northern autumn ​2017​.​

Application Schedule for 2017

* Application Schedule for 2018 will be announced ​ in the Northern autumn ​2017​.​

There are two rounds of applications for the Entering Class of 2017. The Admissions Committee strongly encourages applicants to apply in the first round, as space in the class may be limited in the second. In addition, applying in the first round will have an advantage on matters such as scholarships, particularly for international students.

The respective application deadlines and the interview dates are:
ROUND 1 Application period:November 28,2016 – January 05,2017
Interview date:February 03,2017
Admission decision date:February 16,2017
ROUND 2Application period: January 30,2017 – March 02,2017
Interview date: March 31,2017
Admission decision date:April 20,2017
It is important to note the following:
  • You may apply for only either the 1-year or 2-year program. Once accepted to one program, you cannot switch to the other program.
  • All application documents, except for TOEFL/IELTS and GMAT official scores, must be submitted via the Hitotsubashi ICS FTMBA Online Application System.
  • Applicants are encouraged to submit their application as early as possible in each round.
  • Scholarship decisions for international candidates are made only after a candidate has been admitted. Since scholarships are limited in number, first-round candidates tend to have an advantage in this regard.


  • Inquiries about admissions should be made only via fax (+81-3-4212-3006) or e-mail (
  • Physically handicapped applicants should consult with the ICS Admissions Office beforehand